Way back when, I wrote a post about the ambulance situation from the night Alex died. I called 911, EMS arrived, he was pronounced, ambulance took me to the ER for my blood pressure. There was a mess when it came to the bill. His insurance was billed for the ambulance, as was mine. It was all sorted out years ago..

Today, mail arrived from Delmarva Emergency Services, addressed to me, at my old address. I no longer have mail forwarding, however since I live right around the corner, the post office has been gracious enough to “manually” forward it, since they know who it is.

It was a check for $16, with the date of service listed as 12/31/12, the night he died… 5 years later, I’m getting 16 bucks back? I have no explanation.

It seems very odd to me that it came on a day that I’ve spent working on the book and blog? A sign? Maybe… but a sign of what?

At first glance, I thought the Refund number was his DOB. I saw 7/6/84… He was born in 83, I’m 84. Haha.


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