It’s been a crazy weekend here in California and it’s still going! For those that don’t know, I have so much going on. I thrive on the madness and there are so many things I want to accomplish in life. You only live once and there are so many things I want to experience. I’ve been juggling a lot! I’m on the other side of the country for a conference for my business and it’s been inspiring! I love what I do and it’s only made it more exciting. My direct sales involvement was truly a life line for me in the beginning. It got me out of my shell (my widow bubble,) brought new friends into my life, gave me goals to work toward, plus fun! (And a little extra money.) I could go on forever!

While here, I’ve been emailing back and forth getting the final book touches done. It’s so cool to see it LOOK like a book! There are only 3 days left on my Indiegogo campaign and I’m at 95%!!! I need some help hitting my goal. Click that photo on the side to help me out!

I’m excited to get back home to finish up the book, meet more goals with my business, and there are so many exciting things coming with Ignite Your Light! Plus, I cannot wait to see my little girl after being away from her this weekend!!

I’m headed to the beach real quick (my happy place) and then flying back late at night! Check out the fun…. and I’ll catch ya when I get back!

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