Warning… This post has some rather strong opinions in it.
All over the news, Facebook and even on the cover of people magazine is a women planning to complete suicide. She has a plan, a date, a method etc….
Why, in this instance, are we glorifying suicide, putting this woman on a pedestal and writing about how brave she is for her choice, yet looking down on, judging and condemning others who have chosen this path? Because she has cancer? So it’s okay if you have an illness? How is that any different from choosing to die instead of suffering from / living with mental illness? Why is this woman being honored, yet others are chastised?
Ok.. So let’s go back to the cancer thing… She has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer… Though this is the exception to the rule, I know… People do survive this! People do beat the odds! People live years and years of happy life long after this diagnosis. How do I know? I’ve seen it… With the exact same diagnosis. I can’t imagine not wanting to fight!
Now the term “euthanasia….” As a veterinary technician, I am obviously in favor of euthanasia as the end of suffering. I do believe that “physician assisted suicide” or whatever you want to call it is a wonderful thing…. In the end. When there is no quality of life left and the end is near, we should have the right to go peacefully in sleep instead of suffering until the last second. When it comes to cancer, the end is agony, and I think it’s a wonderful thing we can do to end suffering… I’ll say it again… In the end.
This woman has a long way to go until that point… However, that’s MY opinion.
All in all… Who are we to judge? People like Alex and Robin Williams were called cowards and selfish while she’s called “brave.” Who are we to “decide” who deserves praise vs who we vilify?

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