It’s amazing how life works. I don’t know any other way to describe it….Things have been great. Life was going so well. I was very much enjoying life on our own. I love being a mom and love my busy crazy life with all of my crazy endeavors. But life has a way of throwing curveballs and I suddenly went from single mom, to building a new wonderful life with someone. I am truly getting my second chance at a family and I can’t put into words how this feels. Alex swept me off my feet and we instantly knew that this was it… Ya know what? It can happen twice. I used to scream at (what I imagined to be) Alex that after what he did to me, he owed me and needed to fix my life. The months I spent single this time really made me a happier, stronger person, completely comfortable with myself. I needed that, and now I believe that, when I was ready, he sent me the life I was eventually looking for. (Even if I didn’t believe I quite wanted it yet.) In the meantime, I’ve done so much! 

I walked 18 miles overnight, through Boston, in freaking monsoon, in Alex’s memory and raised $2,200 for Suicide Prevention. No matter what, this is a huge part of me, and I will never stop.

I became a director with Jewelry in Candles and went to their first ever conference. It was a quick crazy weekend trip and it was just so amazing! The energy there was indescribable! I worked hard and am proud to a part of it.

Everything happens for a reason… The good, the bad, the indifferent… And in the darkest moments of life, keep going! It WILL get better. Live every moment to the fullest! I know I am… 


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